Our Metal Fabrication Plant

The fabrication plant is divided into two bays: one for structural steel and one for miscellaneous metal fabrication with an attached paint facility.

Three 10-ton overhead cranes service the main fabrication bay. The CNC drilling, sawing, and thermal coping lines are located in this bay. The fabrication bay is fed by an outside, 77 foot wide crane way which operates two 10-ton overhead cranes.

The miscellaneous metal fabrication bay parallels the paint facility and is serviced by two 5-ton overhead cranes. The miscellaneous bay is well appointed with the tools required to provide you with top quality stairs and railing systems.

Paint Facility

Augmenting our production facilities is a climate-controlled, 8,000 .square foot paint facility. As an AISC Certified steel/metal fabricator with a P1 paint endorsement, complex paint systems are routine for our metal fabrication facility. Complemented by an 8-wheel Wheelabrator, as well as manual sand blasting capability, surface preparation is provided per your specific requirements. No matter how demanding your paint system, Stone Bridge Iron is up to the challenge.

Material Handling

With yard rolling stock, twin 10-Ton bridge cranes in our receiving runway and a dozen bridge cranes in our metal fabrication bays, material handling is efficient and up to your project’s specific needs. Our in-feed rolls and lift-and-carry transfers feeding our CNC saw and drill lines, are capable of handling sections up to 550 lb/lf efficiently.