AISC Steel Sculptures

AISC Teaching SculptureStone Bridge Iron & Steel recently donated a steel sculpture to SUNY Delhi, giving students opportunities beyond art appreciation. They’re also using it as a hands-on learning tool.

Stone Bridge Iron & Steel, with assistance from the Hubbell Galvanizing Company of Utica, presented a galvanized steel sculpture as a gift to the college that will serve as an educational tool for students enrolled in the college’s Construction and Architectural programs.

The design was developed by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) as a practical and visually-appealing way to convey the various structural members and connection methods used by engineers and contractors. Currently, there are replications of the sculpture on over 130 campuses across the United States. This is only the second sculpture of its kind to be installed in New York State. According to Eric Robert, Associate Professor of Construction Technology and Management, the sculpture will be used in the commercial – and structural – related courses that are offered at the college.

Professor Robert stated further “Not only will this serve as a tool for faculty to illustrate the multitude of steel connections made with bolts and welds, but the actual installation of the sculpture has served as a hands-on learning opportunity for Delhi students.”

Professor Steve McKeegan and students in his surveying class developed a layout of the sculpture’s positioning and laid the foundation. Students also built the retaining wall, placed all of the pavers, and graded the surrounding area for grass seed under the direction of Professors Richard Harrington and Floyd Vogt.