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Structural Steel Design and Metal Fabrication Services Since 1973

Stone Bridge Iron & Steel, Inc. provides structural steel design services, steel beams, metal fabrication, and structural steel erection services for an assortment of clients, ranging from educational institutions and high-tech manufacturing concerns to large retail projects and the aerospace industry. We routinely outperform other steel fabricators, as the result of our early involvement in the construction process, our advanced metal fabrication capabilities, and our fast-track structural steel design and delivery systems.

For the past quarter of a century, our commitment to excellence and total quality management endures -- bolstered by major investments in software, equipment, and human resources. Our proven ability to stay on schedule, save clients money, and adapt to change has prompted major construction companies to seek out our services and recommend our structural steel design and metal fabrication services to others in the industry.

Geographical boundaries do not exist when it comes to serving our clients' needs for structural steel, steel beams, and other metal fabrication services and products. As steel fabricators with a solid track record of client satisfaction, Stone Bridge has provided steel beam construction, structural steel design, and structural steel erection in U.S. states as far west as California, and as far south as South Carolina. We routinely do structural steel erection work within a thousand miles of our metal fabrication plant. In addition to the diverse group of clients mentioned above, Stone Bridge Iron has also provided structural steel, steel beam construction, and steel fabrication services for the hospitality and gaming industries, biotechnology and health care organizations, and the pharmaceutical industry.

High Standards of Excellence in Steel Beam Construction and Metal Fabrication

American Intitute of Steel Construction

As providers of structural steel and metal fabrication services, quality control is taken seriously at Stone Bridge. Stone Bridge is an AISC Quality Certified Fabricator achieving the AISC's STD certification with a P1 paint endorsement. All jobs are covered by our stringent QA/QC plan, with complete material traceability maintained. Inventory is tracked and heat numbers follow the material through fabrication. All steel beams, structural steel, and other materials are inspected prior to shipment.

Fast-track construction is a way of life at Stone Bridge. Our reputation has been built on our ability to deliver what we promise. When you have tight, demanding schedules, or just need a team to do whatever it takes to get the project built, we are the steel fabricator of choice. More than three decades of superior performance has cultivated a corporate culture that demands dedication to your projects, priorities, and ultimate success.